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Maac Mangusta

Brand Maac
Model Mangusta Miniloader
Special Categories New
Brand Maac
Model Mangusta Miniloader
Special Categories New
Height (cm) 215
Height at the steering wheel (cm) 169
Width (cm) 140-180 (160 STD)
Cabin internal width (cm) 95
Wheel track (cm) 123
Wheelbase (cm) 160
Length from the front tires (cm) 305
Length from the plate (cm) 350
Ground clearance (cm) 31
Max. lifting height (cm) 361
Maximum reach (cm) 185
Weight (kg) 2650
Max. hydraulic power (kg) 2950
Self-limited drive speed 30/35 km/h
Turbo charged 4 common rail
Power 74 HP (55.4 KW)
RPM/min 2600
Accessories and equipment
A wide range of accessories and equipment is available for the building, industry and agriculture. Ask us for more.
Power transmission
Variable displacement pumps directly connected to the engine 2
Two speed hydraulic power engine 4
Speed 30-35 Km/h
Telescopic boom frame
2 sections build with a special steel sliding on adjustable anti-friction pads
Hydrostatic with an independent gear pump
Fluid capacities
Diesel Tank 40 lt
Hydraulic oil tank 50 lt
Engine oil 11,5 lt
Refrigerant 15 lt
Hydraulic System
standard on all wheel motor  
standard on all wheel motor 31x15.5-15 / 17
Parking brake installed on the rear wheel hub
Hydrostatic braking
Safety devices
Blocking valves on lift cylinder, extension cylinder, fork rotating cylinder
Audible warning device
Rotating beacon
Back-up alarm for reverse travel

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